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How to Find and Upload Attachments for Distribution
How to Find and Upload Attachments for Distribution

Learn the multiple ways you can attach files to your distribution, right from the compose page!

Updated over a week ago

This guide explains how to attach files to a distribution using Croogloo. Two methods are covered: using files already uploaded in Croogloo and uploading new files to Croogloo.

Attaching Existing Files

Step 1: Locate the desired files in Croogloo. Select Find Files and choose the files from the database to attach.

Step 2: If Dropbox or Google are connected, expand these options and select the necessary files.

Step 3: Finalize the selection by clicking Select.

The selected file is now attached to the distribution.

Uploading New Files

Step 1: If the file isn't uploaded to Croogloo yet, select Upload Files.

Step 2: Choose the file to upload and proceed with the categorization process.

Step 3: Apply watermarks if needed, or skip this step.

Step 4: Confirm the folder where the file will be placed and click Upload.

Upon completion, the uploaded file will be attached to the distribution and available in the files folder.

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