Watermarking for Distribution

Learn how to watermark files for distribution in Croogloo.

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Upload Files from the Compose Page:

Step 1: Select Upload Files.

Step 2: Choose the file for upload and finish the categorization process.

Step 3: Next, the watermarking options will appear. Choose Recipient's Name to reflect the individuals in the recipient's list, or, customize as required.

Hit Confirm and proceed to verify the location of your file upload.

Step 4: Click Upload to finalize the process.

Upon completion, the file with the confirmed watermark will be visible.

Watermark Previously Uploaded Files

To watermark files previously uploaded into Croogloo, proceed to the Documents page.

Step 1: Select Files.

Step 2: Navigate to the folder containing the file you want to watermark and select the file.

Step 3: Click the three dots next to the file and select Apply Watermark.

Step 4: Complete the watermarking process. Once satisfied with your watermark output, and click Confirm.

The applied watermark will be visible on the file.

Step 5: Return to your Compose page and locate this file to upload it to your distribution.

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