Distribution Templates

Store your email distribution messages as templates.

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From scripts to prep schedules, call sheets to crew lists, and everything in between, our platform eliminates repetitive tasks. Save your message templates and say goodbye to endless repetition.

View Templates

To view distribution templates, navigate to the Compose page and select the drop down:

Select the template you wish to use.

Create your own template

Create your own by clicking the Save as a Template below the drop-down menu, when you are finished composing your message:

The body and subject of your email template automatically stores and loads on request.

In addition, to body and subject, more can be included your template via the Template Options provided when you save your email template:

Recipients to load with the template - select from Distribution Lists, Departments, and Contacts to store with your template


Text (SMS) message to include in the template.

Email templates can also load attachments automatically. Set document categories to pair with your templates. Upon selecting your email template, the latest version of the file type(s) attach to your distribution message. Call Sheet template loading the maps, safety memoes and more when the approved Call Sheet is ready for distribution.

Template Options

After selecting a template to edit, you will see the Templates Option button:

Save: Overwrite current template

Save As: Save as another template

Delete: Remove from template list

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