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Set Reply-To For Email Distro
Set Reply-To For Email Distro

How to save production office as default reply-to address for distribution.

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This guide provides steps on setting the Production Office as the Reply-To address for distribution in Croogloo:

Step 1: Add the Production Office email address you wish recipients to respond to on the Contact card

Step 2: Ensure the position is set to "Production Office"

This is required in order for the address to display on the compose screen.

Step 3: Invite the contact to Croogloo

Step 4: Grant ADMIN security group access

Step 5: Confirm the action

Step 6: Finally, Save the actions.

If you have added this email address from scratch, please follow the account validation process through in the link provided in the activation email.

If you are already signed in as the Production Office account, save the changes and you will see the updates reflected on the Compose page.

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