Attach Files for Email Distribution

How to attach documents to your email.

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Attachments for Email Distribution

Adding attachments to email distribution is provided via upload from your computer or finding the file in your cloud repository.

The attachment capacity is set at 20mb for consistent performance across your recipients, with the option to send as a link if the attachment(s) exceed the bandwidth provided.

Upload File(s)

Drag & drop or select Upload File on the Compose screen when attaching files from your computer to email.

A modal will display with option to categorize the production file(s) and/or apply a watermark.

Find File(s)

Select Find Files when attaching assets that are already stored in Croogloo or with your cloud repositories, including, nut not limited to, Dropbox, Google, Box, and Sharepoint.

Sending File(s) as a Link

The safest and most secure way to publish production files. In addition to instant distribution of watermarked production files. Croogloo recommends not limiting the link to large distribution, but for all distribution. Check the box next to the attachment to send as a link:

Sharing production files by link provides more security for your documents, disabling downloading and/or printing and providing a timed expiry on viewing access:

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