How to Watermark Files
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Learn how to apply watermarks to files using Croogloo. This guide covers 2 methods: watermarking a new file during upload and watermarking for print.

Uploading and Watermarking a New File

Step 1: Start by uploading a new file to Croogloo.

Step 2: Select the desired file for upload and complete the categorization process.

Step 3: A prompt for watermarking will appear next.

The default watermark is the recipient's name. Change this to any preferred text. Click Confirm to proceed

Confirm the file location:

Step 4: A notification appears in the top right corner upon successful upload.

Step 5: Go to the files page to view the recently uploaded file. The applied watermark is visible.

Click the file to preview:

Watermarking for Print

Step 1: To watermark a previously uploaded file, navigate to the documents section and select Watermark.

Step 2: Choose the distribution list for watermarking.

Step 3: Select the documents you want to watermark

Step 4: Select your watermarking options.

Step 5: Choose your output options.

Step 6: Confirm the action.

Upon completion, the watermarked document is ready for distribution.

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