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Printing with Watermark
Printing with Watermark

How to print documents with watermark.

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Watermarking for Print

To print watermarked documents, select Documents from the menu panel, then Watermark

The Watermark to Print screen will display a contact entry field and distribution lists to select from, a link to the documents folder and settings to configure for the request:

Select Document to pick your file(s). Up to 5 documents can be watermarked at a time:

Output Options

2 options are provided to generate your watermark document for print:

Combined PDF - all watermarked names in one file


Individual PDF - ZIP Folder - unique files for each watermarked name

Click Watermark to generate your document(s) for print.
The job can be tracked and downloaded from the bell, when the job is complete a badge will display alerting you to your available download(s), providing the option to do other tasks on the platform without having to wait.

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