Platform Settings

Overview of platform settings and functionality for production and user.

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Customize your Production experience

Select from production and user settings to configure your production to your needs. Settings are accessible from your contact ID icon menu on the top right of your screen.

Production Settings

Platform and function based settings are provided in the production settings window. Select from:

  • Refresh Cache - Refresh cache to remedy any system latency or unexpected performance

  • Google Sync - When importing Google contacts, if contact(s) were deleted in Croogloo, then - (select from):

    • Add back deleted contacts

    • Skip deleted contact

  • Email Drafts - Email drafts can be shared across production administrators or private to user account - (select from):

    • Private

    • Share with ADMINS

  • Outbox Delay - set duration of delay on outbox before email is published - (select from):

    • 2 Min.

    • 1 Min.

    • 30 Sec.

  • Send Report - Distribution report listing recipients and message status should be emailed to - (select from):

    • Sender

    • Reply to Address

    • All ADMINS

    • Selected distribution lists

  • Archive Files - set duration, day(s), files are active, to mitigate production load

    • Select Number of Days

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) - add method that requires password and text message code to access production.

  • Reset Crew List Headers - reset crew listings

User Settings

User based settings are provided in the user settings window. Select from:

  • Email Attachments - disable prompt to set and configure file types

  • Photo Notifications - if there is activity related to photos you are sharing, then - (select from):

    • Get email notifications

    • Disable notifications

  • Inactivity log-out - automatically log-out account after 20 minutes of inactivity - (select from):

    • Enabled

    • Disabled

  • Concurrent Sessions - keep sessions active on different devices - (select from):

    • Enabled

    • Disabled

  • IP Address Verification - IP address verification as part of authentication process - (select from):

    • Enabled

    • Disabled

  • Preferred Language - (select from):

    • English

    • French

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