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How to Use DPR Grid (ADs)
How to Use DPR Grid (ADs)

How ADs use the pre-populated DPR Grid in Croogloo

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Submitted time reports are emailed to ADMIN user(s).

No account registration or login required, once the email is set as an ADMIN user (Production Office, Accounting, ADs), there is no need for login to retrieve the Daily Time Reports from the Croogloo platform.

By Email

The AD email account set to ADMIN on the production receives all submitted Daily Time Reports and Weekly Timesheets. Every time a report or timesheet is submitted, ADs receives an email. The email subject line will contain the department and date of the Daily Time Report and Weekly Timesheet:

With each department that submits a Daily Time Report, a unique email will be sent, with the latest version of the Daily Time Report for the day. Departments will be loaded on their own sheet within the excel file, in addition to a sheet for the Daily Production Report:

The second sheet will be the DPR Grid:

The sheet will be populated with the entered crew members and times. All you need to do is copy & paste to your DPR template.

File Storage

The latest version of the Daily Time Report and Weekly Timesheet is databanked in Croogloo and is always accessible to production ADMINs. Reports can be retrieved from the Documents module, in the Time Reports folder:

All completed reports will be stored here and all folders are listed alphabetically for your convenience.

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