Trouble Logging In

Support with issues logging into your Croogloo account

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Let's get you back into your account! Follow the steps below for login assistance.

Please note: Croogloo is not authorized to add or invite contacts on behalf of production, and will reject these requests to protect the integrity of our platform and your production. If you require an invitation, please contact your Production Office admin.

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password - please navigate to Enter your username (your email address) and click "Forgot Password"

A recovery email will be sent to you.

Enter the temporary password from the recovery email and set a new password.

Please make sure your email and password are entered correctly.

If copy/pasting, make sure no extra spaces were included, which would result in the log-in failing.

Missing Invite

If you have not received an invite, contact your production office administrators to get an account launched.

If you received an invite but are unable to find it in your inbox, navigate to and click "Forgot Password."

Lost Privileges

If locked out, please contact production office administrators who can send you a new invite.

If you are the production administrator please contact us.

Trouble Logging in to DTR

If you are a crew member looking to complete times please make sure you are logging in on https://www.

If you are admin looking for file storage please make sure you are logging in on

For more help on DTRs visit our DTR Support Page.

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