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Contact Categories

Categorize contacts for distribution and lists to maintain consistency to eliminate resends

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With frequent changes from day to day, contact categories maintains consistency to eliminate resends. Distribution lists and emails are automatically configured based on category set. Six contact categories are provided to select from, they are listed below with their special effect

CREW - distribution start and end date to automatically schedule email to crew

CAST - link Agent(s), Manager(s), Tutor(s), etc, to prompt Cast distribution runs with option to include Agent(s) before sending

AGENT - pair Cast to prompt Agent distribution runs with option to include Cast before sending

STUDIO - notify studio to latest assets without sending email

UNION - reps set to distribution lists

VENDOR - purchase order and status tracking

Set Categories

To organize contacts into Categories, select Contacts from the menu panel, then All:

On the contact listings, click on the menu options icon on the label row to set the category:


if selecting multiple contacts:

the menu options will display with a side panel, to select Change Category:

Next, designate the category for the contacts:

Once confirmed you will receive the status of the action:

Selected contacts will now be available for review on the designated category page, in addition to automating administration of distribution.

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