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Security Groups & Permissions
Security Groups & Permissions

How to configure account access and authorization.

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Security Groups

Account access to Croogloo is determined by the Security Group the account is designated to.

On production launch, 4 Security groups are configured and loaded for use - ADMIN, EXEC, DTR, and Crew.

The Security Permissions applied for the Security Groups can be modified from the default settings.

Security Group names can be edited or removed from your Security Group.

The ADMIN Security Group is the only group that cannot be deleted, but Permissions can still be modified for this group.

ADMIN - Designated for the administrator on the account, the person that registers the account, and anyone else provided access via the administrator or their proxies thereafter. The ADMIN security group is the only group that cannot be removed from Croogloo. The ADMIN group has full security clearance and access of administration and management oversight across the platform. Directing account access, security provisions, asset management, and contact management.

EXEC - Designated for Studio executives, providing access customized to their needs.
​DTR - Designated for Daily Time Report crew, with settings configured for Daily Time Report access only. Crew using Daily Time Reports with Production Time or Production Office should be set to the DTR Security Group.

CREW - Designated for Crew, providing access customized to their needs, free from dependency or delay of email.

Adding Security Groups

To add a new security group, select Security from the menu panel, then Manage Groups:

Click New Group:

Then, label your group:

Select the new group from the panel:

To populate the new Security Group, select Non-Members filter at the top of the list table to add crew members:

Move or Remove Account Access

Administration and/or removal of Security Group accounts must be done from the Security module.

Select Security from the Menu Panel, then Manage Groups:

Select the group you wish to edit:


To update the Security Group account after registering the user, select the Security Group from the panel. Next, click the Non-Members filter, which will display all account holders not included in that Security Group. Select account(s) to move, then click Add Selected to update the account Security group classification:


Select the members to remove from the Security Group, then click Remove Selected:

Configure Security Group access permissions

To review and set access settings for Security Groups, select Security from the menu panel, then Manage Permissions:

Security Group Permissions are designated by Read & Write (RW), Read Only (RO), or NO access.
Click on the dropdown located on the Security Group columns, to select your desired setting for Croogloo modules:

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